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Solar Ray is an affordable Solar Lighting Kit. All Solar Ray needs is sunlight to perform it's magic.

Solar Ray is regarded as the lowest priced and most economical lighting solution for informal settlements, campers, caravans, off-road vehicles, 4 x 4 enthusiasts.

Solar Ray is unique, it brightens up your night with solar light and charges your cell phone.

Solar Ray consists of a Solar Panel, Power Supply Box (6 Volt), LED Bulb, Cell Phone Battery Charger.

Solar Ray is low priced, it's durable, easy to use and so simple to install.

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or Email: sales@solar-ray.co.za

Informal Settlements can have an affordable Solar Ray Lighting System and charge all makes of Cell Phones at the same time. 


     AFFORDABLE The Solar Lighting Kit is under R500.00


The Solar Ray consists of Solar Panel, Power supply box and a very low energy consumption (1W) LED Bulb.

During Power Outages The Solar Ray is the cheapest backup lighting and cell phone charging system available on the market.

Solar Ray uses the SUN'S ENERGY at no COST .                      

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Ideal for Caravans, light up by     Solar Ray and solar charge your Cell Phone to make that important call.
Unlike LP Gas or Paraffin, the     Solar Ray has no smell, not toxic, and uses NI-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries.                                
In the remotest areas the Solar Ray can give you home comforts by using the natural elements (THE SUN).                          
Off-roaders or 4X4 enthusiasts will always have Solar Power light or a cell phone that has been charged by Solar Ray



Solar Ray created light and cell phone connections for all fishermen.


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